Diabetic Foot Care & Education Program

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A Hamilton Niagara Haldimand Brant Local Health Integration Network funded program that covers the entire Hamilton and Niagara region. The program provides assessments, consultation and treatment to people with diabetes and other barriers to health at no cost to eligible clients. These services are provided by Registered Chiropodists (licensed foot and ankle specialists) and Registered Practical Nurses.

Where & What:
North Hamilton Community Health Centre serves as the home base where these services are provided. Satellite clinics are located at New Village Retirement Home in Stoney Creek as well as Joseph Brant Community Health Centre in Burlington. North Hamilton Community Health Centre also manages the Feet First Niagara program, with satellite clinics established in Welland, Fort Erie, Niagara Falls, St. Catharines, and Port Colborne.

If you have risk factors such as peripheral neuropathy, decreased sensation, foot deformities, evidence of peripheral vascular disease, boney prominences, plantar callus, absent pedal pulses, diabetes or have barriers (e.g. income, language) to using existing services then you may be eligible for the program. We have interpreters available to translate a number of languages.

We currently offer Chiropody services Monday-Friday. Evening appointments are also available. Services may be obtained at North Hamilton Community Health Centre or at any of the satellite clinics. These clinics are continuing to evolve as partnerships with community agencies are established.

Chiropody treatment of calluses has been shown to be associated with a significant decrease in foot pressure. High foot pressure has been associated with foot ulcerations in susceptible feet. Chiropodist care can help reduce emergency room visits for foot infections or ulcers. Seeing a Chiropodist can also help cut down on the number of hospital admissions for people with diabetes and lower limb circulatory conditions. This can ultimately lead to a reduction in the number of amputations for individuals with diabetes and lower limb circulatory conditions.

The Program was identified as a need by the Diabetes Action Group (LHIN). This group was established to look for any gaps in diabetic care throughout Ontario.

For more information, please contact the Feet First team at (905) 523-0090

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